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All our drone aerial flights adhere to CAA regulations, so we conduct a thorough pre-flight assessment for each job.

Please get in touch with us via phone (Contact Andy on 07457 405 538) or fill in the contact form to have a conversation about your project and for any further info.

All provided quotes and instructions are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Shining Star Systems Ltd. Our Public Liability insurance coverage amounts to £1 million, which can be increased if needed.

Aerial photography and videography is affected by the weather, especially in the U.K.

We cannot operate our drones in rain and strong winds. Additionally, clients may have specific requirements that restrict us to flying at specific times.

We closely monitor the weather forecast up to five days before any scheduled shoot. If the forecast indicates unfavorable conditions, we initiate a discussion with the client 48 hours prior to the shoot.

If needed, we will reschedule the shoot to the next available suitable date at no extra cost, and the booking deposit will be transferred to the new date.

Pre Flight Location Assessment
We can typically perform an office based online site survey to assess the feasibility of the shoot and to identify any additional factors, such as flight restrictions, or permissions that we need to consider. If we are unable to assess fully online, we may have to perform a physical site visit.

Booking & Deposit
If the result of the pre flight assessments is positive and we are able to perform the shoot, we will confirm your quote with a detailed brief of the shoot, provisional date and exact costs.

At this point, please make a booking on our booking system, the provisional shoot date will be confirmed upon receiving a 25% deposit.

If the client cancels the shoot within 7 days of the scheduled date, the 25% deposit will not be refunded.